Finding A Cool Guy Haircuts

Every man wants to look so cool and handsome. There are several ways to make that happen, and one of them is having a cool haircut. The haircuts here is not a simple haircut which just aimed to shorten the hair. Then cool guy haircuts is more an art, rather than a simple haircut, and therefore need to be handled with extra care.

Finding for a good haircut is an easy task, but it is choosing the one that suit you might be the greatest quest of all. You need to adjust the haircuts in proportion to your head’s shape, your face shape, your hair type and so forth.

If you have the soft and thin hair, then maybe afro is not just your style, and so forth.

Choosing And Maintaining Your Hair

Once you have already decided the right hairstyle, then you need to maintain and keep the hair that way so that it won’t change shape and ruining your perfect hairstyle.

The Cool guy haircuts more like preserving the existing hair so that you will look cool and your hair will be kept that way. There are several ways to improve and maintain the looks of the nose, one of them is using hair gel.

The hair gel will harden your hair so that it will stay that way, and even giving you some fragrance for your hair so that your hair will smell good.

The hair will eventually regrow after you cut it, but it is okay since you can have another cut for the same style. Here are several style samples you can use for your hairstyle.

1. High fade quiff haircut

Cool guy haircuts

Whatever the method is, if you have the fade style haircuts, then you are the person of culture. Since the fade haircuts are just so awesome and look so trendy with the fade or the gap of hair between the middle of your head to the ear or the side of your hair. The difference is usually filled with extremely short hair so that you won’t look bald.

2. Curly flat haircut

Cool guy haircuts

The curly flat is the curly hair which is hardened, so it seems like a sturdy box in your head. It is very cool and intimidating so that you will have several degrees of charismatic influence if you have this hairstyle.however this hairstyle is suitable only for the curly hair.

3. Pompadour haircut and drop fade

Cool guy haircuts

image: The Pomp

This is an exquisite and cool looking hair. It is a pompadour hairstyle which is modified by the fade in both sides of the head. You can always have the fade removed if you don’t like it, but either way, it is the best haircuts for the one who looks elegance in their hairstyles.

As we have stated above, Cool guy haircuts are about preserving the hairstyles. So you need to maintain your hair shape, or otherwise, it will lose the effect.